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In Cuba, UNION ELECTRICA chose the TST LIAT/SICAME Argentina platforms!

The Cuban government and its national provider UNION ELECTRICA - who controls the production, transport, distribution and sale of electricity for about 2.6 million subscribers (95% of the island’s inhabitants) - have launched a major investment programme aiming to modernise their thermal power stations, with a view to reducing fuel consumption for each kWh produced. The programme also includes the development of electricity transport and distribution infrastructures.

International launch seminars: playing up the Active 4D!

As part of the launch of its latest connected PDA model, Franklin France has been organising a number of international seminars to seduce stakeholders within the lightening protection industry.

Trade show info: Middle East Electricity Dubai/1 to 3 March 2016

With more than 22,000 visitors, 1,550 exhibitors and close to 126 countries represented, the 2016 edition of the incredible Middle East Electricity Transmission & Distribution show has become one of the largest in the world.