The Sicame Group, a major player in the modernisation of power lines in Bangladesh

To cope with a rapid increase in population, with 165 million inhabitants in 2021 and a forecast of 190 million by 2050, the govern- ment of Bangladesh has launched a policy of major electricity transmission line infrastructure projects since 2017. In this context, Dervaux and Sicame Asia Pacific were selected for several projects to provide line accessories: damper spacers and stock bridges as well as suspension and anchor chains.
The first project began in 2017 comprising 259 km of 400 KV four-beam lines with 1 river crossing and 169 km of bi-beam line, which were commissioned in 2020.
This first success confirms our position in Bangladesh and the confidence of the govern- ment, which has entrusted the Group with two new projects in 2018 and 2021: 783 km of 132 kV quadri beam line and 123 km of 230 kV line with river crossing.
Thus, between 2018 and 2021, the Group delivered no less than 20 different electricity lines.
New projects have recently emerged, enabling the Sicame Group to be active in Bangladesh until 2024.

The Sicame Group, a major player in the modernisation