RMC SME Awards, the biggest French SME competition, FRANKLIN FRANCE selected in the "Export" category

This year, RMC and its star organiser, Jean- Jacques BOURDIN are celebrating the 10th edition of the RMC SME Awards, the biggest competition for SMEs in France. Since its creation, RMC has organised this competition with immense pride. Each year it rewards companies that demonstrate creativity, boldness and innovation to move France forwards.
The RMC SME Awards help spread the influence of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Despite a large number of participants (1,300 companies in the Paris region), FRANKLIN FRANCE is proud to have been selected among the 3 best-performing companies in Exports. The Lightning SBU company was honoured at a ceremony in late September. Congratulations to all FRANKLIN FRANCE staff who have worked hard to maintain the company’s reputation in France and worldwide, and a huge thank you to our partners, who always make every effort to promote our technologies worldwide.