Tennet chooses our Group to increase the power of its electricity transmission network

Tennet, the operator of the national electricity transmission network in the Netherlands, has chosen the Sicame Group to support it in its project to increase the transmission capacity of a high-voltage 380 kV link, measuring approximately 52 kilometres in length in the north of the country. The project, which began last August, is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2022.
Through its subsidiary Dervaux, the Group has provided specific line accessories for HTLS cables on the link, which has no fewer than 154 pylons. In terms of products, the triple cushioning spacers were specially designed for the project to meet the customer’s requirements.
The installed HTLS (High Temperature Low Sag) conductors can withstand operating temperatures of up to 210°C, thus carrying more power than that conveyed by conventional conductors and increasing the permissible current without the need to modify most existing pylons.
New projects are being considered in the country for 2022 and 2023, for which the Group wishes to be able to contribute.

Tennet chooses our Group to increase the power